Juuki Chii ( 知 有希, Chī Yūki) is the female protagonist of Yukiimo.

Appearance Edit

Juuki is a tall and slim girl with big dark blue eyes and brown, wavy hair which end above her breast. Her hair is described to be "soft and fluffy". Sometimes she changes her hairstyle into a braid or put her bangs back with a pink, little bow. Her skin is quite pale and her lips have a bright, reddish colour. At school, she prefers to wear a loose cardigan, mostly pink or blue, over her school uniform, and black hosiery or knee-high socks with black plattform sandals. In Winter she wears black boots, a pale pink scarf and a green coat. If it is rainy or it snows, she has a riffled, white dotted, pink umbrella with her. Her most distinguishable accessory are two choker-necklaces, which she is wearing all the time.

Personality Edit

Clumsy and a bit shy, Juuki rarely stands out in school. She is often described as cute, moreover she is addicted to cute and adorable things. Although she struggles much in life, is very anxious and sensitive, Juuki keeps to be cheerful. She can't stand being hot or cold, so she would like to spend the whole winter under the kotatsu. In her freetime she likes to blog and read mangas.

Trivia Edit

• Her given name means "possessing hope" and her surname stands metaphorically for a smile because that's what it looks like when you say "chi".

• On her blog she usually use her favourite kaomoji o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

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